Instructional Leadership

Our instructional leaders provide a wide range of services and research-based practices that directly impact teaching and learning, school leadership and continuous school improvement.
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Elbow 2 Elbow Educational Consulting

The demands on today’s classroom teacher and administrator can be overwhelming. No Child Left Behind and state accountability measures are requiring school districts to find new resources to help identify learning gaps and support educators as they strive to create the academic gains required each day.

Our Vision

At E2E Educational Consulting, we work elbow to elbow with teachers and administrators to deliver innovative and research-based practices that deliver improved teacher effectiveness and student achievement. We know that professional development, coupled with focused and aligned resources, is a critical factor in the success of every classroom. These are the tools that will create continuous academic growth required in today’s school environment.

E2E Educational Consulting wants to be your school improvement partner. It is our ultimate goal to help classroom teachers and administrators become efficient and self-sufficient leaders in the area of academic improvement.